Date: 25th April 2009 at 9:56pm
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After some scallywags voted for the likes of Mat Sadler, John Eustace and Gareth Williams for the official Watford Player of the Season trophy, VitalWatford thought we`d have our own bit of tom-foolery and run our own awards.

First up, and sticking with tradition, it`s the VitalWatford Player of the Season award.

To make it a little bit fairer and less of a one horse race so to speak, we`ve taken young Tommy Smith out of the running for this one (call it an unofficial crown shall we)?

DrWatford has whittled the short list down to 13 key performers for the Golden Boys this season – some regulars and some last minute loanee entries for you to vote on.

So who has done enough to earn the first VitalWatford crown this campaign?

Have your say and vote now in the online poll to the right >>>

We`ve also got plans for Outstanding Performance of the Season, The Stuart Atwell Award for Bizarre Contributions at WFC, Scrappiest Goal of the Year and Strangest Post Match comment of the Season!!!!

So keep coming back to us for all things yellow and all things a slightly bit silly.

Winners will be announced in due course (or until we’ve rigged the result to suit our headlines)