Date: 29th January 2011 at 7:03pm
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Troy Deeney was something of a scapegoat today. Deserved or not? His fault or somebody else’s?

SO TODAY wasn`t good was it? At all. It took far too long to get in the game, we scarcely looked like scoring and far too many players had off days. Furthermore the team selection was bizarre.

I can see the logic in giving Gilmartin a run out, even if it was his error that cost us the goal. It was good for Lee Hodson, however poor he was, to get a run out. However Stephen McGinn and Piero Mingoia in the centre of midfield was a disaster waiting to happen. No steel meant they were overrun and never got a foothold in the game. The most baffling selection though was the continued use of Troy Deeney as a midfielder.

Troy Deeney is a striker and a right-footed one at that. So why has he been restricted of late to midfield? And why down the left today? Rounds pegs in round holes and all that…

I thought to be honest that Deeney still played fairly well. He wasn`t at his best and we haven`t yet seen him at his best, but presented with a rare start he would have hoped to have shown his ability by being played in position at the very least. He was however subject to much discontent in the Lower Rous and mirth when replaced at half time.

For what it`s worth I felt he battled away, worked as hard as Danny Graham and won his share of flick-ons. He`s by no means a battering ram but he is one of the few physical presences in the side.

When he took the ball back into his own are and cleared against the forward for a corner under pressure he was roundly lambasted. But why? He had no outlet options, was running out of pitch to dribble the ball into and rightly had little faith in the poor Rene Gilmartin. Under the circumstances I felt a player who was not used to a midfield or defensive role of any kind did well.

Granted in attacking phases of play Deeney offered little but then he`s hardly wide midfield material.

For one, he`s too big to dribble the ball tens of yards. Unlike Piero Mingoia he isn`t blessed with a low centre of gravity, perfect for mazy dribbles. In the same way Mingoia isn`t blessed with the height and strength necessary for a target man role.

Though he doesn`t lack pack, Deeney is not the quickest either. Very little was in the former Walsall forward`s favour. The fact he was hauled off at half-time won`t have helped his confidence either. Just six starts in the league and even less of those up front have not helped his form during his debut season at Vicarage Road. If we are going to see the best of Troy Deeney then we`re going to have to give him time to blossom and hope he leads the line more often .


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  • He just doesn’t look fit! Don’t think he had much preseason training though, due to the protracted signing saga, I’m sure he will get better, he can’t get any worse!

  • I’m completely baffled by wfc123’s article above that states that “Deeney still played fairly well”. Were you at the game?
    I admit to being a critic of TD since he signed as I have rarely seen him play well. But I keep hoping to be proven wrong on this one. I have huge respect for Malky and keep wanting Troy to show us what made MM buy him. But sadly, no – all we get is a guy that appears well off the pace; who’s control is poor; who’s timing in the air wins little and meanders around in a lackadaisical manner. His 3 goals have been in the 6yd box (I think). Where you saw him win his share of flick-on’s I really don’t know.
    There was also pretty hot criticism in the Upper Rous too on Saturday.
    Compared to Danny and Marvin, he’s 2 divisions away at least.
    He hasn’t got more starts because the 2 boys up front have delivered the goods and he’s not looked the part.
    God forbid we sell Danny Graham before the transfer deadline.

    He may well join the Duke club I fear…

  • Oldyella – Not sure i agree with your comments. He looked off the pace on Saturday but i am not surprised we have not seen the best of him yet. He has played very very little football and only 2 games in his position of striker. He is a bulky target man and finisher and i would not have expected to see much from him on the right/left wing which is where he has played most of his games because of Graham & Sordell’s form. Despite his 2 starts upfront he has managed 3 goals in total which isn’t bad.

  • I think he hasn’t deserved a shot hence he hasn’t played but I believe as a youngster he comes good and would benefit from playing in these games. I heard the abuse from the Upper Rous as I was in the Lower, with the dead atmosphere.

  • Fascinating exchanges on Troy Deeney. I would like to add comments I heard on Tuesday night from Graham Taylor who was part of the Three counties team. He spoke a few times in less than glowing terms about Troy and towards the end said”Yet another poor decision from Deeney. He has not made good choices about moves/passes tonight” Surely all these people and especially GT cant be wrong.

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