Date: 3rd January 2006 at 4:19pm
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Following the 2-1 defeat at the hands of arch-rivals Watford, whinging Luton boss Mike Newell bemoaned the outcome of the match, Watford ?diving?, the two referee?s assistants, Watford?s tactics, and alleged time wasting.

Newell told ?I think that anybody who watched the game would probably say that we deserved a point but Watford have got the result,? this is despite, for a neutral observer watching the match between the bitter rivals, Watford being the superior side for the majority of the match. Bad loser Newell went on to argue ?I would never say that were cheating because I would end up in hot water but it is not what I would like to watch every week?I need to ask myself whether I should ask my players to dive around if that is the way the game is going,? contrary to Newell?s rant, Watford conceded sixteen fouls to Luton?s fifteen, received two yellow cards and one red to Luton?s one yellow card. Moreover, Al Bangura had to be substituted after being constantly fouled by the Luton midfield.

The Hatters found themselves on the receiving end of two consecutive defeats and Mike Newell continued to blame everybody but himself. ?The two linesmen seemed to run the game today and I have never seen them have so much of an affect in the game,? it is unsurprising the losing manager did not have a bad word to say about the whistle-happy referee, who sent off Ashley Young for what looked like no more than a yellow card offence.

The former Luton striker added ?When there is time wasting going on, it is very hard to a get any momentum going but if that is the way Watford want to play than that is the way they will play, it certainly won?t bring the crowds back?, although when making this unfounded statement is was obvious that Newell failed to consider that, Watford?s average attendance is higher that this time last season and Luton?s average home attendance.

When analysing what the local derby means it is probably best left to Newell. ?It?s all about results in these games because they mean so much to the supporters and unfortunately we are not the ones with the three points,? he told the Luton official website.

Sour grapes, anyone?