Date: 2nd March 2018 at 12:25pm
Written by: have reported Watford fans believe their club is cursed after Gerard Deulofeu became the latest casualty of an injury-ridden season. and looking again at our list, it is hard to argue isn`t it? Woeful as one fan calls it.

Our weekly update looking at the injury table for Watford FC and also comparing with all our competitors in the Premier League.

A look at our injuries and how they compare to other teams. Twenty eight games in:

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It`s just been an awful season for injuries hasn`t it? Eleven. What can you say?

Please note the tables update automatically so they are worth keeping an eye on.

And a look at all the Premiership teams to see how we compare injury wise.

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Lets hope for a good weekend of action, the right result and no more injuries!