Date: 9th December 2010 at 11:41pm
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Wannabe hooligans forming an Ultra’s group in the name of supporting the club – just what we DON’T need to improve the atmosphere at the Vic.

I recently found something on Facebook that worried me as much as it disturbed me (insert your own joke there), drawn to my attention by a Queens Park Rangers friend ahead of our clash with the R`s on Saturday.

What it was that he brought to my attention was the `Rookery Ultras` group on Facebook – membership just 99, thankfully. The conversation precluding this discovery went something like this:

Him: I hear Watford are trying to start up a firm?

Me: Really?!

Him: Yeah, here`s the link – Rookery Ultras

I quickly scuttled over to said group to see what was afoot and sure enough a group of ‘fans` have set out the following mission statement, for those of you not up on the ways of Facebook or those of you who refuse to engage, here it is –

I have had enough with being embarrassed by the inconsistent support from The rookery.

We need formal change for those who have season tickets at the top of the rookery.

The main ideologies of an ‘ultra’ are:

1) non stop singing

2) standing up during games

3) Banners, Flags and colourful support.

Other clubs have similar groups and the idea has dramatically improved atmosphere. Such as Portsmouth, Crystal Palace, Aldershot, Accrington, Crewe. Celtic, Aberdeen and St Pauli. Just youtube those teams to see the noise they create.

I do realise Watford are a family club, so this is just the top end of the rookery/vic road end 🙂

So where do I start? In case you hadn`t notice I appose this entirely for any number of reasons.

1. Ultra`s The term associated with fiercely fascist, racist hooligans at clubs largely in Italy and Eastern European countries. A negative term and certainly not one that should be associated with any club in a civilised society and league, let alone on that prides itself so fiercely on its family club tag.

2. Embarrassed – really? We`re by no means the most vocal support and we of course should get behind our team as vocally as possible but I think to label our support embarrassing will alienate more fans from the cause than it will ally.

3. Standing up during games No chance, not allowed at present due to ‘health and safety` and not likely to change any time soon, even if it is a ridiculous rule.

4. The Current Situation We already have enough of a divide in the Rookery with the small group located at the back to the right in competition with the traditionally vocal group in the middle at the back. This causes enough rivalry and intimidation as it is, another is another one too many.

All this is probably irrelevant as the people behind it won`t get the numbers to get this idea of the ground however it has irked me all the same.

The chances are that many of those who are members of this proposed group have only been going for a few years, i.e. since we started doing well around 2005/2006 under Aidy.

Essentially I can`t see any positives from this and I doubt this youthful group will present the right image of the club or use this as a tool to support the club ‘better`. I hope nothing comes of this; though I certainly will be keeping my eye on the group.


-> Am I going over the top?

-> Would this be a good thing?

-> What could be done to improve home support?



10 Replies to “Watford Ultra’s – Surely not?”

  • Interesting stuff wfc123. I would certainly keep an eye on this lot. I’ve been going to football matches and QPR for 42 years and definitely do not want to go back to the dark days of thugs and idiots that destroyed the game in the late 70s and throughout the 80s. Hopefully, the club (WFC) will be aware of this lot and will do their best to disassociate themselves from the as soon as possible.

  • I think you have gone over the top slightly. The idea of starting a firm that starts hooliganism is a horrible one. But have you forgotten the 07/08 away games where we stood up and sung. If we had taken a banner we too could join the club. My point is whilst it is stupid to be embarrased by lack of home support – it is each to their own, the actual 3 ideologies should not be discouraged. Particularly away fans stand up constatntly at away games although it is a breach of regulations but singing and bring flags can add to the experience and if people want to do it then go ahead. But to get a group together to be more eccentric can be dangerous and needs to be monitored to make sure nothing silly comes of it.

  • Just had a look at it on FB – one person mentioned they are trying to get the club to seat them together. A singing area that has been much mentioned at other clubs. Could be interesting. Trying to find out what it is about as i used to know one person who has joined the group.

  • Ah I forgot to mention this, QPR4ME, the club actually appear to be supporting them. They’ve said they need to drop the ‘Ultras’ tag thankfully, but as Chriswfc says, they are trying to locate them all together. I can’t see it taking off; I hope it doesn’t at least.

  • Over the top!
    First things first the Ultra part is going to be dropped, they had a meeting with the club who suggested they dropped it due to the negative image associated with ?Ultras?, and rightly so. Therefore you can treat that as a ?working title?. Also at that meeting they discussed the potential for the club to reserve a standing area either in the Rookery or the Vic Road End for the group to gather. There are no violent intentions, it was just a bit of naivety when they were coming up with names for the group?
    Good luck to them, at least someone is doing something rather than just moaning and harking on about the good ol? days when men were men etc. Give them a chance!

  • I just don’t see it being anything more than a collection of youths being given the chance to create a wannabe hooligan aspect. The Vicarage Road End is meant to be a family area and if they club stick them in the there I believe it will create a more intimidating atmosphere next to the away fans rather than raising the level of our vocal support.

  • Obviously they’re not a ‘firm’ as you say they are. They’re just a group trying to improve the atmosphere with flags and singing, not violence. There’s no violence whatsoever and the word ‘ultra’ doesn’t mean hooligan firm, look it up if you don’t believe me. Maybe worth doing a bit more research before your next article eh 😉

  • Obviously they’re not a firm. As far as I’m concerned the word ultra doesn’t MEAN ultra, but the connotations involve violence. The club has said they need to drop that, fine. But I still don’t see any benefit of this as I’ve highlighted above. I’d urge any of you to write an article in response to this by the way; it will be published. Vital Watford is all about fan opinion. [Edited by wfc123]

  • Excuse me! you’re being slightly unfair!
    Although I probably wont sit with them as my season ticket is in the Lower Rous, I am still part of the group – I know the poeple in it, not a single thugs amoungst them! We REFUSE to be associated with thugery etc.
    And if i’m being totally honest, the aim of the group is to give the home games the same atmosphere as the away games- And I don’t see you lot slagging off the AWAY support (Which has the same concept as this group; Standing/singing/having a good time!).

    This is a bunch of kids from Watford, not middle aged thugs from London!

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