Date: 8th November 2011 at 9:59pm
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Watford Fans Forum Second-half: On-field matters

Sean Dyche (SD), Adrian Mariappa (AM), Ross Wilson (RW), Professor Stuart Timperley (ST) and Graham Taylor (GT).

[On Matty Whichelow]

SD: ‘Very talented young player, came in last year, had some nice little moments. Wasn’t quite ready for it.

‘He’d gone off to Exeter & he couldn’t get a game there. That’s not to say he’s a bad player, but is he really ready to challenge at Championship level?’

‘I believe in my heart what I’m doing with those boys from my background in youth football. I brought a lot of these young boys through.’

[On the subs bench shrinking]

SD: ‘For a club like ours, it’s so important young players get a feel for it. Now with the limits on the sub, it’s made that more difficult.’

[In response to a fan criticizing Craig Forsyth and Chris Iwelumo & why they are selected over Matty Whichelow]

SD: ‘We’ve got 2 staff who’ve come in from the outside so I value what they say. I disagree totally, a fantastic young man working hard.

‘The transition in this club both on and off the pitch has been massive. There are positive signs and signs of momentum building.’

[On rumors of a bid for Marvin Sordell]

RW: ‘There’s been no bids received for Marvin Sordell.’

[On development of first-team squad]

SD: ‘There was a reason why Malky left. He saw that there were cracks here. We needed to build something with substance.’

‘It takes time to build something good. I’m not naive enough to think you get that much time. But do I believe in the squad? Absolutely. Do I believe in the staff? Absolutely. Is Ian Woan one of my best mates? Absolutely, but I’m sure Mapps [Aidy Mariappa] will tell you he’s good at his job.

[On adapting as a player to seasonal change]

AM: ‘It’s the nature of the game, this year’s been no different. I think everyone has adjusted & sometimes it takes a while.’

[Dyche’s ambitions for the season]

SD: ‘We have to build forward quickly. We certainly want to consolidate our position in the Championship. Where we can go to? Who knows.

‘We can certainly build forward and consolidate in this division.’

GT: ‘Having been a manager I know he [Sean Dyche] is trying to say. Graham Taylor started his managerial career at Lincoln City and after 11 games the table read won 0, drawn four, lost seven.

‘I believe managers should be given a term of time to say this is my team, this is how we’re playing. I believe that term of time in three seasons.

‘The manager is responsible for results, but the players have to be responsible for their performance.’

[On player recruitment]

RW: ‘I felt the process despite being an excellent process lacked an integration with the football department.’

‘We have a senior scouting network which works above the regional network.’

SD: ‘Within all that process there is a numbers game we have to play.’

[On long-ball football]

SD: ‘The style of football is mixed. When they attack they have some flexibility. When it works we play some good stuff. It’s been a nice mix.

‘We think we have the players to do it, but it’s consistency. The feeling being there are different ways to win a football match.’

[On Adam Thompson]

SD: ‘Another great part of development. He’s come back fitter, stronger, gone out to Brentford & that’s been a great loan for him. He’s pushing.’

[Re. players hitting the ground running]

SD: ‘There’s 5 or 6 where it’s not quite always clicked. Within our group there is demand for places. They all want to play.’

[Reserve League withdrawal]

RW: ‘We’re averaging 2 or 3 reserve games a month.’

SD: ‘We can’t re-create first team football. Reserve team football won’t do that.’

[On goal-scorers in the squad]

SD: ‘Unfortunately his [Troy Deeney’s] record is not as good as we’d like it to be. To find players like Graham season in, season out is very difficult.’

‘It’s very tough as manager to find a striker with the work ethic, who can score the goals.’

[On dropping attendances]

ST: ‘Across the board attendances are not quite holding up in the way they could. It is affected by a number of things.’

‘How well the team is doing makes a difference, it’s a fact. I wouldn’t be immune to the notion any sense of uncertainty might be a factor.’

[Slowness in making subs]

SD: ‘It’s not about tactical genius. That was looking it at and saying what do we need to affect and how do we affect it.

‘We look on the sideline as a staff, but I’m more than happy to take it on my head as manager.’