Date: 9th April 2009 at 8:38am
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Watford`s rookie keeper Scott Loach insists there really isn`t much to be fearful of at the top of the Championship table and reckons that Brendan Rodgers new look Hornets are “one of the best in the league”.

Loach made his bold claim after catching the Sky Spectacular clash to avoid ‘Automatic Relegation from next season`s Premiership` beamed from Molineux at the start of the week.

The cocky little (?!?, 6ft4 hmm) so and so told the official site “No disrespect to the Wolves and Birminghams of the league but after watching their match on Monday you think we could compete against any of them”

Sure, the lad won`t be making too many friends in the West Midlands footballing community but, you know, Loach might just have a point. Once again, no-one has grabbed the Championship title race by the scruff of the neck and ran away with it leaving it as wide open as ever.

The rookie stopper added “I do feel we have under achieved this season, I think we`re one of the best in the league?we`re definitely good enough and shouldn`t be battling at the bottom”.

Even some rivals reckon the Hornets could be a big threat for next season with players from Ipswich, Wednesday and Doncaster all suggesting so in the press after recent games.

Still, Watford don`t have a huge amount of time left to send shock waves through the division with their new Chelsea-esque ‘winning mentality` but can still show off their credentials when they face Birmingham at the Vic in 4 games time.

Let`s hope then that Scott isn`t left eating a large slab of humble pie.