Date: 30th October 2007 at 9:52pm
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The scene was set, three wise men, in the shape of Aidy Boothroyd, Graham Simpson and Mark Ashton. Faced with a crowd of 300 Hornets fans, of all ages and backgrounds and a barrage of e-mails from fans around the world. Including me:

[Off pitch]

My own question, Tom Bodell, about food and drink, was read out and even got a laugh from the audience, so I`m happy, and happy at the answer the refreshment prices will be reviewed.

“We have a 3 year plan here at Watford, and we believe we can be a top 10 Premiership club” [GS]

“We know what we have to be and do to be a top ten Premiership club on and off the pitch.” [MA]

“I think we`re we are in 5 years time, we`re looking at having our first Harefield academy in the first team, and also y`know, in five years time, we`ve managed to short up and thrive in the Premiership.” [AB]

“We appreciate the facilities in the Vicarage Road End are not as they should be, but we`ve done a lot of work on the Rookery Stand and to a certain level in the Rous Stand. Myself and my colleagues were talking this morning about the short-term measures we could put into place in the stand though.” [MA]

“The bar`s in place, the TV`s are in place and the stand is sealed. We are now looking at how we can improve and increase the facilities in the Upper Rous. Can we seal the stand? We are looking at this as we speak.” [MA]

“Our community scheme is now actively working with 100 000 participants a year, part of our challenge is to turn them into customers, then convert them in season ticket holder`s.” [MA]

“This year we`ve had 11,500 season ticket holders which is the best ever outside the Premiership.” [GS]

“The feeling is we should try to increase our board, it is therefore quite logical to go outside and find someone who wants to come on board as a director. Its important that they share the same beliefs as we do [AW, GS, MA]. If somebody comes along with far deeper pockets than I have, it`s always something we should consider.”

“We don`t want to sell to a Russian Billionaire, we want to sell to someone who loves Watford Football Club.” [GS]

“I`m not gonna say I won`t sell it to a Russian billionaire then do it a week later and you`ll stab me. I`m not gonna do it to a club I love, I`m a Watford boy, and I won`t do it.” [GS]

“We would like to take over the running of the pub [The Red Lion] – that is our intention.” [MA]

“I don`t think we`re ready for that just yet, I think it`s one thing at a time [On linking up with a feeder club].” [AB]

“We are not selling season ticket`s in the Lower Rous currently, we don`t know until Friday whether or not those seats are available. [On ‘untaken` Lower Rous seats]. [MA]

“Our top price is £25 which goes up to £30 on the day. We do that because we want to encourage people to make their minds up before the day. It`s to encourage people into the stadia for health and safety reasons and to get them in quicker on the day. We want to encourage as many fans into the ground as possible” [MA]

“If players wanna come in, train for half a day then go off and play golf, then they`re the wrong sort of players for Watford.” [AB] “The way that the game is, football`s getting away from the man in the street, the real fans like you, I think at this football club Watford, we`re pioneers in what we`re trying to do, what we can be is the best medium club, whatever that means!” [AB]

“The whole tannoy system is currently under review. We`re not happy with what`s coming through at the moment.” [MA] We will stick with one screen. We would like to improve that, the cost of putting in new screens is very high.” [MA]

“Er, I don`t write it. They`re my words. I just don`t put them in the right order. What happens is, Jacqui phones me up and I say, ‘what`s topical?` she says something then I write about it then she phones me back and I say ‘change this` and so on from there.” [AB]

“With regards to away coach travel, we don`t make any money from it, we just aim to break even. We talked earlier about us trying to increased to supporter base.” [MA]

“Personally, I certainly came up with the idea that we would change it, I will say as a fan since 1959, I would like to change it. I understand tradition, but I don`t mind. Sometimes it`s necessary to move forwards.” [GS] [On Z-Cars]

“We had mission impossible last year, and we`ve also had the Gladiator theme. I understand identity and I don`t think we`ve got that right yet. Would I change it? If that lady comes up with some better songs?” [AB] [On Z-Cars]

[On pitch]

“M`boro know Adam Johnson isn`t gonna play Premiership football week in week out, but down here he`s doing pretty well with his four goals and five games and five assists!” [AB]

“Some of the things he does in training are fantastic, I wish he would do them in training, and he will when he gets the chance.” [AB on NA]

“I think it`s nice that people are talking about us, I think what we gotta do is keep our heads down and keep doing a professional job.” [AB]

“[AB] The situation is he`s been offered one, he`s turned it down, he`s been offered another, he`s turned it down. I sent two blokes round to his house, Simon Oxley: ‘Darius and?` Danny. Except Danny got lost and ended up in Preston.”
“Tamas has come to ask me twice to come on loan, and I`ve said no. I believe he will be better than any of the other strikers at the club. Tamas is staying.” [AB]

“If bringing Nathan in spurs those two [Darius and Marlon] on to scoring 50 goals each, then it`ll be worth it.” [AB]

“Put the phone down. We don`t need to sell anybody.” [AB]

“?Or there`s a dead body in there, he has to deal with it, top players deal with these things?” [AB]

“Yes and yes”[On being approached by other clubs and wanting to stay] [AB]

“After the Southampton game, I called him the black Zidane, I don`t think he knew who he was, but he smiled. At the moment he is the best defender in the Championship statistically and he`s got four assists.” [AB]

“Well, he`s been injured. Lloyd and Anthony McNamee have come through the youth system, Lloyd has taken that next step, Anthony hasn`t. Consistency is the key. When we`ve got Adam Johnson, it`s hard for him to get in the team.” [AB]

“I think everything happens for a reason. I made a mistake with Darius, I thought he was getting stale, I though I could get better. I got it right though, he`s got better and it`s given him the kick up the backside he needed. You [the fans] have helped his decision, and he`s got a Ferrari in his drive now.” [AB]

“I admire Arsene and I admire Arsenal. The foreign player coming into the country has made a big impression. Where I think we`ve got it wrong is we`ve overpayed for the average foreign player. Fans love a guy that`s come through the system. You`re living your dream through them. In terms of Watford, I`d like us to keep our core.” [AB]

“Collins John was not meant to be, DJ Campbell was not meant to be. I said to him at Leicester, no hard feelings, and I hope there aren`t” [AB]

” ‘I even saw Lloyd popping up in the 6 yard box` I think he got lost! Jordan and Lloyd are very competitive, Jordan bets on the next raindrop! Jordan slaughters Lloyd, Lloyd slaughters Jordan, and Marlon slaughters bother of ’em. His shot last night, the ball, I think it`s in Croydon High Street!” [AB]

Well there you have it, for those that didn`t go like me, the best bits. Lets hope there are some more ‘best bits` come the end of the season that we can all toast at our prospective promotion party!