Date: 3rd September 2008 at 3:52pm
Written by:

Midweek Memoirs of Mr Bodell

Having finally attended my first game of the season after various holidays, I`m pleased to see that plenty has changed, but certainly one thing that hasn`t changed is Tamas Priskin`s overall uselessness and lethargic manner.

It`s fair to say that my patience with the Hungarian has worn out, in fact it had on his debut some two years ago, but still, enough is enough, he needs to go and we need someone else in to play with either Smith or Rasiak, someone who will get dirty, put effort in, look interested and score.

I`m not sure who we could get in, especially with the market being close by the time you read this, but still, if Mr Boothroyd has half the football brain people claim he does, he will move in time to replace dear old Tam.

The other problem other than time running out is our lack of finances, but I`m sure if Priskin were farmed out on loan to a side from Turkmenistan [about his level, I think], then we could afford a contribution to the wages of a loanee striker. The fact that we only have enough money to afford the wages for one loanee this Summer has worried me hugely, we haven`t spent any cash on transfer fees, yet we`ve taken on two and let many more go.

Also worrying is this. We let go of [in one way or another]:

Nathan Ellington, Steve Kabba, Moses Ashikodi, Darius Henderson, Alex Campana, Danny Shittu, Matt Jackson, Jordan Stewart, Gavin Mahon and Toumani Diagouraga.

From that we`ve raised around £5,150,000 in sales alone?.goodness only knows how much we`ve saved in wages, but two in, just two in leads me to think we are under poor financial management. We`ve also got the final years parachute payment arriving, plus a nominal amount from the cup run?what was the point of not ‘making a go of it` in the Premier League, but ‘making a go of it` in the Championship?

This is of course old news, but I`m only really delving into it now the season is a few games old, Tamas has had a few run outs under the new system and still looks pretty ineffectual. However, with little funding around for improvement, and Boothroyd ‘not making any more signings` I guess we will have to persevere with the hopeless Magyar.

I feel that the youngsters involved in Saturday`s game gave good accounts of themselves and perhaps playing Jordan Parkes was the wrong idea if you`re just going to haul him off after 45 minutes, the mental damage that could`ve caused for a youngster waiting and waiting for their first team chance must be huge.

John Joe O`Toole, Lee Williamson and John Eustace were excellent in the midfield and Jon Harley moved seamlessly from left midfield to left back. O`Toole changed the game with his energy and it`s good to see the young man back in favour after slipping away a bit last season. Aidy recently said O`Toole had come off the tracks a bit and come back unfit, but fair play, O`Toole looked fit, and ready to put the miles in yesterday. Hopefully he will be given a start come next time out with Sadler and Harley vying with one another for the left back slot.

A mention also for Liam Henderson, who came on, looked lively and made a couple of things happens in his cameo appearance. He looks to have a bright future ahead of him and showed willingness to shoot, run at the defence and chase lost causes. I actually think he had a decent shout for a penalty when Richard Wright fell on him [purposely?] after clearing the ball away from him. Either way, I`m sure he will become a fans favourite like our last Henderson.

All in all, the future looks brighter than I thought it would after returning from my holds. The board are still around, Boothroyd is still around, we`re not in administration, the ground is sort of together and no more important players have departed.

Keep the faith,

Tom Bodell