Date: 1st December 2013 at 1:39pm
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A lengthy selection of tweets characterising the good, the bad and ugly thoughts of the Watford Twitterati following the 3-0 defeat by Yeovil

YOU can guarantee that after a defeat, more people want to dissect the game than after a victory.

Well Saturday’s 3-0 defeat at home to Yeovil Town was the zenith. We have received hundreds of Tweets, mostly irrational, almost all negative.

However, Vital Watford is ‘by the fans, for the fans’, and we have been accused of not reflecting the views of all supporters, a logistical nonsense, because let’s face it, no-one wants to read each & every Tweet.

Anyway, for your ease of reading, we’ve broken the (publishable) Tweets down into angry people and the more rational.

For the record, the reason there’s a lot of aggro directed at us is that we’re vociferously behind the team and Gianfranco Zola.

The Angry:

@hunter72uk ‘The only reason I must follow @VitalWatford is the same reason I follow @piersmorgan for the comedy value #bellends #watfordfc’

@hornet1976 ‘Another deluded fan , Zola so out of his depth. no idea how to defend.’

@gogzyboy15 ‘Get real we have been awful for weeks – too many same kind of players not good enough – no width, no pace sh&@.’

‏@Cutty70 ‘Are you telling that Wat an acceptable performance? #shocking’

@ALLYP13 ”we did plenty’ this ridiculous statement shows you’re burying your head in the sand!’

@matt_church17 ‘Well you clearly haven’t got a clue. What game were you watching!?’

@JoelNathanG ‘Your team has just lost 3-0 at home to bottom of the league and this is the shit you come out with. Fool.’

@dazzafeighery ‘Are you on glue?’

The Rational:

@wickesy21 ‘Get a grip man, we lost to the bottom team 3-0. Their fans can’t believe how bad we were.’

@AndyGiBBo ‘It’s easy to block a shot when the players take 30 seconds than they need to. I don’t want zola out, but losing patience now

@alex_srnith ‘Couldn’t agree more, three months ago with the same performance we’d have scored 4+’

@UrboyTandy ‘Leicester stuck with Pearson after disastrous 2nd half of last season…patience is sometimes undervalued in footy #WatfordFC’

‏@Fastlinephil123 ‘Zola out ? I don’t think so .. Players encouragement more like . Throwing the baby out with the bath water is no answer.’

@ryankman ‘Main grievance is this stubborn repeating of the same ideas. We don`t have Abdi, Vydra or Chalobah right now – need to adjust.’

@kesomers ‘This time last year #afcb were mid-table in L1. We nearly won the league and got automatic promotion…’

@mariooturturici ‘Totally agree, some fans were disgraceful with the abuse they were giving to the players and Zola… Zola of all people…’

@chrischowe ‘Everyone needs to calm down – every team in this league will have a blip – better now than late on in the season #watfordfc’

@Steviej7 ‘[Gary] Johnson said ‘we worked very hard on Watfords game plan’ Is Zola being out thought by opposing coaches, A genuine concern!!’

@Someoneelsehere ‘100% agree Watford fans have always grumpy (Wembley clear example) Booing your team is shameful. Being frustrated isn’t.’

@inthezoneuk ‘We haven’t suddenly become a bad team. We’re even getting a new stand! We could have been like Luton! Short memories

‘Shall we sack a Manager every time we have a bad patch? Every Manager has bad patches, even Fergie!’

@Ginjured ‘Unbelievable, the fact that someone can criticise someone for supporting the team and then call themselves a fan is ridiculous.’


2 Replies to “Short & Tweet: Yeovil Town (H)”

  • Patience is a virtue. Seldom found in Horns fans, never found in Man. I’m just grateful of the Pozzo lifeline. They will be the final arbiters or fate and play the long ball game …

  • Agree with you 100 per cent, Jon. Though I was pleased to see that looking back through mentions on Twitter, less people than I thought were calling for a spate of sackings.

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