Date: 7th April 2014 at 11:15pm
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Daz from Vital Leeds gives us a heads up on some of the highs and lows currently affecting Leeds United

Starting off on the pitch, what’s the general feeling about the drawn-out period of uncertainty regarding the Cellino takeover? Are people keen on the man, and do you think this move will prove successful?

It has been nothing but a comedy or should I say horror movie since January. Things seem to change daily and despite him winning his appeal on Saturday, we now need to wait for the deal to be ratified by the Football League this week. They could say OK, but then they could kick him out again if the Judge in Italy says he acted dishonestly when they give their written report on his tax evasion conviction in the next few months.

He was public enemy number one when he sacked McDermott in January but he has grown in popularity over the past few months. I think most of it is down to a necessity that we need him at the moment. We looked seriously in danger of going into administration had the deal not gone through.

Not sure if it will be successful, but like most things that happen at Leeds, it will not be without conflict and controversy.

On the pitch, what’s been the cause of your recent dip in form? Have off-field matters played a part in this?

I think they have but it still doesn`t make any excuse for some of the totally inept performances we have put in. Rochdale, Sheffield Wednesday and Bournemouth more recently away from home were all unacceptable. When you add heavy home defeats to Bolton and Reading as well as recent home defeats to relegation threatened Doncaster Rovers and Charlton Athletic, it has been unacceptable.

Considering Cellino’s propensity for sacking managers and coaches, how precarious is McDermott’s position given the form you’re in? Would you like to see him given more time or are you keen for a change?

It is going to be very interesting to see the response from the players at Watford. I think he is on borrowed time and I think it is only a matter of time before he bites the bullet.

Shame it hasn`t worked out for him at Leeds because he comes across as a nice genuine guy, who seems to love the club and he has always been open and honest with the fans but he arrived at Leeds at the wrong time.

Any notable injuries and in-form players for tomorrow’s game?

Sam Byram picked up a hamstring injury at Wigan on Saturday in injury time and he is definitely out.

Rodolph Austin has missed the last two games but his form has been shocking since November so he should have been dropped a while back anyway.

In form player!? We have won only three games since mid-December so apart from Ross McCormack we have been very poor. I wouldn`t say McCormack has been playing well but he has made an habit of being in the right place at the right time this season.

What is your score prediction?

Thanks very much Daz. You can read the Vital Leeds pre match articles here.


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