Date: 18th February 2011 at 12:15pm
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Prospective new Hornets owner Laurence Bassini has told the Watford Observer that he has no plans to move Watford FC from Vicarage Road.

Bassini who reportedly is interested in buying the club with friend Panos Thomas has dimissed the rumours. He stated ‘If an offer was forthcoming from me we will never move, that is the last thing that would happen’.

Bassini also denied reports that there were six people involved in the possible takeover and reiterated that it is only him and Panos Thomas, an orthopaedic surgeon, will be involved in their bid.

Bassini in an open and honest interview confirmed that he changed the spelling of his last name (from Bazini) when he was declared bankrupt in 2007.

Bassini was declared bankrupt when a hotel project spotted by his father went wrong. ‘I was on benefits for a short time of five or six months’ Bassini said.

He also confirmed that he was from a wealthy family but denied they would be putting any money into Watford FC.

Bassini also went on to say that he had an opportunity to buy Blackburn Rovers last year before the Venky’s took over the club.

Bassini also claims he is a fan of Watford and has attended every game this season stating ‘For me it is nice to be involved with this club. It has that family feel and I am into that. It has the family atmosphere, the people here are good people.”