Date: 12th December 2011 at 12:32pm
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Find out how the Hornet’s loan group did away from Vicarage Road this weekend

Britt Assombalonga grabbed another brace for Wealdstone as the Ruislip-based outfit were victorious in the F.A Trophy.

The Stones started with both Assombalonga and Connor Smith but it was the former who stole the headlines with two goals to take his tally to four for the club.

Gordon Bartlett’s side beat local non-league outfit Uxbridge 5-0 to progress to the next round.

Assombalonga and Smith both grabbed doubles in the 6-0 trouncing of Enfield Town.

Back in the Football League, Gavin Massey and Rene Gilmartin both enjoyed a 1-0 win for Yeovil Town over Notts County.

Both played the full 90 with striker Andy Williams getting the Glovers all three points with an 88th minute strike.

Both Dale Bennett and Michael Bryan failed to feature for Brentford and Bradford respectively although the former has been injured for much of his loan period.

Bryan on the other hand has been out of favour under Bantams boss, Phil Parkinson.

Congratulations to Britt, Connor, Rene and Gavin on a successful weekend away from the Vic’!


13 Replies to “Assombalonga & Smith help Stones to cup victory”

  • What are you talking about? They are playing non league and you honestly think they step up to championship level over night and perform. You really are talking bollox now!

  • Kightly wont be here much longer.. He is NOT a Watford player… Yeates is ok but the hunger of youth he hasn’t got… Gav is the next player coming through who will play in the prem for someone much bigger then us… Gav is not playing non league anyway unless Yeovil have gone down already… The others on loan wont get a chance soon anyway… The brightest young player currently out on loan is Gav… NO QUESTION… Why would City have wanted him 2 years ago??

  • If GT told you to stick your head in the oven, you would ask how long, from the start of the season you have moaned that Dyche is the not the watford way, the players he has signed have no passion, not the watford way, you have pleaded for Dyche to be sacked, but abaited when GT said give him a chance. Massey has potential but he has already shown he is not ready at this level. Fair point about Kightly but there are other players looking to move in Jan. My point is why are you critical about bringing players back when the performance against Leeds suggests we are not that bad a team? Is there no pleasing you? I understand Gladys Primshaw is coming back too, but you won’t remember her.

  • I still think SD is not the best choice for Watford manager.. That will not change.. We needed someone who has been a manager for more then five mins… Malky done well because he knew & had working relationships with great managers like Ferggie at utd. He lent real good players for longer times.. Without which we would have really struggled.. The way we play now is not good…. We hardley pass & when we do we seam to score then go back to booting it again.. When subs are needed SD does nothing.. The brand of a good manager is to read what’s happening in a match almost before it happens.. That comes with experince.. No one can doubt SD was made manager because he was cheap.. You do normaly get what u pay for… You pay peanuts u get monkeys surely.. The scorlines on the pitch have improved yes but the way we play is still the same.. Paceless, predictable & boring… While playing like this is working now how long CAN it last… We all hope as long as possible but… is hoping enough???

  • You really think Malky was the contact for Fergie? How naive you are! Jimmy Davies, Ben foster, Danny Webber were here well before Malky. Good manager reads what’s happening? You want to ask Fergie what happened at man city, while your at it, Wenger why he didn’t react when man utd scored 8! If we perform like we have in the last 6 games and we finish 4th from bottom, then that is a successful season as is the status of the club at the moment. Again against Leeds the fans made a lot more noise, because the majority can see that the players are trying and the effort is there to be seen. I would suggest that if you are not happy with boring, predictable football you go fourth and multiply…

  • ‘My point is why are you critical about bringing players back when the performance against Leeds suggests we are not that bad a team? Is there no pleasing you?’ – agree with this Andy.

  • The last statements sums up why we are in the position we are in… Settling for worst team not to go is not in my DNA… Maybe others but not mine… I want more… I think we need to agree to disagree on this one… Staying up by the skin of our teeth, maybe on the last match of the season is not a good season in my view… Building on the last season is a good season… Anything else is a bad season… If the players are happy to just survive then the writtings on the wall… Sorry I want more….

  • It’s good this site can air all views about Watford.. That’s why we love it so much… It shows we all love our club…

  • I would agree with Watford1881 that building on last season would have been a success if we had still got the same team. But i think Watford 1881 must take into account we sold in Graham, Buckley and Cowie in the summer. three vitally important components of last years team that finished 14th and because of our financial position we replaced them with players that are not at that level yet. I think as a supporter you need to be pragmatic. It would be great to improve year on year but i think sometimes you need to take into account, particularly at a club that has the financial restrictions ours does, that other circumstances come into play and sometimes surviving for a season like we did in Malky’s first year, and rebuilding is sometimes the best way forward.

  • We all want the best for the club and im lucky enough to have been to a cup final, europe, but with new people running the club, who have no money, new manager, the loss of key players, 1881 your expectations are to high and totally unrealistic, if we survive this season and i think we will, we can start to formulate a future and we will be in a better position than other clubs who are massively overspent, your comments 1881 are wide of the mark, we all want the team to do well, patience is the key, you will have to wait like the rest of us.

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